New technologies for HVAC applications

Through EnE-HVAC, we will demonstrate energy savings of up to 50% on the total energy consumption in an HVAC system compared to current conventional commercially available systems. To achieve these savings, the EnE-HVAC project will tackle all aspects of the system, using novel nanotechnological approaches, improving heat transfer and transport throughout the whole system. These new technologies are:

  • Nanostructured coatings including Sol-gels and PVD coatings for increasing heat transfer.
  • Nanotechnological coatings with anti-freezing properties to limit over icing of heat exchangers.
  • Nanofluids for the improvement of heat transport.

Functional Coatings: Sol-gels

Thin and transparent coatings with tailor mad functionalities can be mad with the sol-gel functional coating technology. Sol-gel coatings are prepared by hydrolysis and condensation of metal alkoxides or organosilanes and optional organic precursors. They can be tailored with properties ranging from hard and brittle solely inorganic coatings to more flexible inorganic organic hybrid coatings

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Improving heat transfer by surfaces structuring

Nano- and micorstructured surfaces will be implemented to enhance the efficiency of evaporators and condensers. These structures can significantly increase the heat transfer coefficient through the facilitation of early bubble boiling and drop wise condensation.

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